Inclusive Excellence, the product of a collaborative-participatory effort, integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion as actionable values at all levels of the University through leadership and engagement with constituents. Inclusive, just, and equitable practices promoted by the management of best practices and policies and data-driven results sustain access, opportunity, and excellence.


In April 2021, Chancellor Gilliam convened an Advisory Committee on Name and Pronouns Selection to inform policy and best practices in consideration of integrating these options into student data management systems, given additional technical capacity to do so. In consideration of the advisory report, the iBelong Name and Pronouns Selection Initiative, which expands opportunities for students to make Canvas and Banner selections that affirm their identities, will be implemented.

In Planning

Diversity Dashboard

Developed in partnership with the Faculty Senate, the UNCG Diversity Dashboard provides disaggregated equity, access, and climate indicators for faculty, staff, and students. The dashboard will increase the use of the wealth of data available to the campus; our knowledge about the University’s strengths and challenges in areas of race and gender equity; and equity, diversity, and inclusion. The dashboard will also inform strategic priorities and action.


Discovery Assessment and Strategic Priorities Planning for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

A discovery assessment and strategic priorities approach is advanced to identify challenges and strengths in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion; inform strategic priorities; and identify goals/metrics for ongoing evaluation for planning and accountability. Guidelines and measurement tools are provided to support unit or departmental efforts. Existing committee structures, the Diversity Dashboard, and other data reports are identified to support a phased process of assessment and review.

In Planning

UNCG Faculty Senate Equity Task Force

The Faculty Senate Equity Task Force is charged to examine racial equity at UNCG. To complement other efforts, the Task Force explores the perspectives of faculty and staff of color through qualitative interviewing, and examines the history of university-level efforts toward equity, diversity, and inclusion.


iBelong Project for Students

In Spring 2019, the Division of Student Affairs launched the iBelong Project to help understand undergraduate students experience of campus climate and to help inform how the University may best meet students’ diverse learning, professional and personal needs. The Culturally Engaging Campus Environments survey was used. iBelong initiatives based on the survey are now being implemented. Learn more and view the survey report.


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