Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence Initiative

Our Call to Action is to be a university where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not only what we say but what we do, and more, who we are – such that it is a part of our DNA.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are actionable values. Inclusive, just, and equitable outcomes are promoted by good management, data-driven best practices, and intentional policies. Leadership, as a collaborative-participatory effort, and accountability sustain efforts toward embedded inclusive excellence.

Action Framework

Advance an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence Action Framework and Roadmap to guide campus-wide efforts toward systemic change.

Pathways to Equity

Invest in Pathways to Equity through mentoring, faculty success, and leadership development for underrepresented faculty.

Inclusive Excellence

Promote Inclusive Excellence with education and training, and provide guidance for discovery assessment and strategic priorities planning for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Diversity Dashboard

Assessment, evaluation, and strategic planning help us understand the sources and outcomes of systemic inequality, establish priorities for strategic action to promote equity and excellence, and identify appropriate metrics and accountability measures to achieve and sustain systemic change.

Training Commons

The Training Commons is a portal for information and resources about targets of diversity education and training, and campus-wide links to offices and programs that offer resources and training. Consultation and facilitation requests from units, programs/departments, and organizations may also be submitted here.

Make a Gift

Our Call to Action is to be a university where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not only what we say but what we do, and more, who we are – such that it is a part of our DNA. Be a part of the action!

Spotlight on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion at UNCG



The Weatherspoon Art Museum at UNC Greensboro continues to take huge strides in its equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

The museum will collaborate on anti-racist project models and practices as part of the Museum Partnerships for Social Justice Project, a recently announced initiative of the Henry Luce Foundation’s American Art Program. 

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For the fourth consecutive year, UNC Greensboro has received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education.

The national honor recognizes U.S. colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. UNCG is among 101 institutions across the nation, and is one of just two UNC System institutions to receive the award. 

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Office of the Chancellor

Building on an Inclusive Legacy

From our history as a college founded to educate women, to the present day as a diverse, co-educational institution, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) has had a history of providing access and opportunity.

The Board of Trustees of UNCG supports building on this legacy as we collectively strive to fulfill the mission of UNCG “to redefine the public research university for the 21st century as an inclusive, collaborative, and responsive institution making a difference in the lives of students and the communities it serves.”

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UNCG News | By Matthew Bryant, University Communications

University Communications recently spoke with Dr. Andrea Hunter, one of the Chancellor’s Fellows for Campus Climate and professor in the department of human development and family studies, about her work on a new website that focuses on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) at UNCG.

In collaboration with Internet Technology Services and University Communications, Dr. Hunter led the project and provided the vision which resulted in the new website. The project was borne out of a need to address equity in education and employment on campus, but also to address the dual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the tragic murder of George Floyd and others.

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UNC Greensboro’s Faculty Diversity Jumped in Five Years. How Did It Do It?

Diverse Issues in Higher Education | By Jessica Ruf (EDU)

In the past five years alone, the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) has experienced a notable jump in faculty diversity for each ethnicity category, excluding White.

More specifically, the school has nearly doubled its African American faculty from 58 members in 2015 to 107 members in 2020. It has more than tripled its nonresident faculty from 17 to 51 members; it’s increased its Hispanic faculty by about 50%, from 37 to 56 members; and it’s increased its Asian faculty by about 25%, from 58 to 74 members.

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Racial Equity: A website to behold at UNC Greensboro

University Business | By: Chris Burt

Filled with resources, messages from university leaders and students, and links to important topics and policies, this site has it all.

The events that shaped 2020 – and the many that occurred long before the high-profile George Floyd murder, the Black Lives Matter movement and rallying cries for social justice – provided an opportunity for the University of North Carolina Greensboro to launch a groundbreaking website on racial equity.

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‘Diversity is our superpower’: A campus leader’s amazing words on equity

University Business | By: Chris Burt

Dr. Andrea Hunter at the University of North Carolina Greensboro discusses the transformational work happening on campus, the national social justice movements and the changing landscape of higher education.

When the George Floyd murder occurred on May 25, 2020, it took less than 24 hours for protests over police violence to begin. A week later in more than 500 cities, nearly a half million people had organized and rallied around the Black Lives Matter movement calling for justice and change.

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Read campus commitments to race equity and systemic change for equity, diversity, and inclusion.